Bungie Promises To Fix Bugs ‘Three of Coins’ in ‘Destiny 2’

Bungie Promises To Fix Bugs ‘Three of Coins’ in ‘Destiny 2’

If you love games, then Destiny 2 is not far off from your eyes. However, this game is in controversy with one of its newly introduced features which is called ‘Three of Coins’. It has become controversial because the players didn’t find it useful at all and a waste of time. But Bungie has promised to address this issue as soon as possible. Players will get a solution to this issue probably in the next year.

The ‘Three of Coins’ has been added as a feature to give the exotic engram to the player, but after using it, everyone found it useless. This is because, even after playing for a long time, its unable to give an exotic power to the player, and puts a big question mark on its functionality.

Bungie has elaborated everything in a forum post regarding this new feature of the game. After the 50% completion of PvE or PvP activity, the player becomes eligible to get an exotic engram. So it augmented the player’s chances to get more benefits & become more powerful. However, regarding the count of favorable chances of it, players don’t get surety.

Bungie further clarified that with the item, new Heroic Strikes don’t go ahead and even after the use of an item, rates of exotic drop remain unchanged. Though even after the changes, it will not be as much fascinating as the stacking effect of original ‘Three of Coins’, wherein the chances get multiplied even with one chance. Well, after reviewing all the problems, Bungie has promised the players that in early 2018, it will surely fix all the bugs. Everyone has put big hope in its assurance and in the near future and they are very excited about the game.

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