Top 4 Online Fashion PC Games for Girls

Top 4 Online Fashion PC Games for Girls

In case you wish to live the life of a model, an owner of a boutique store or even a fashion designer, these days you do not have to go really too far. All you need is just a laptop or a smartphone like an iPhone. The fashion PC games can fulfill your dreams! The fashion game apps are slowly picking up, and they will now let you simulate what it is like to store your very own boutique. You can now shop at some of the popular high end stores, or you can even work as a fashion model. However, with a lot many in the market, it is pretty difficult to pick which is the best one for you.

Here are the top 4 online fashion shopping games for you.

Gala Stories: Here is a new Facebook app, which is called Gala Stories, and already a lot of users now love this one. The graphics in this game is pretty realistic; however, it is not so attractive. It is pretty much like the game “It Girl”; in other ways, you will get to compete with others and earn money. In this game, you will receive quests on a regular basis, which will let you earn more.

Fashion Designer: The name actually conveys it all. In this game, you will be stepping into the shoes of some of the popular tastemakers. The game is full of challenges from the clients that want a specific appeal for some event with your special contribution and personalized creativity. The better the look is, the points that you earn will also increase, and you will go all the way to become a recognized international style star.

Modern Girl: Among all the fashion related games, this has been the favorite of many girls as it just focuses on the clothes as well as fashion. This is created by the crowdstars who also happen to be the creators of the It Girl; therefore, you can expect pretty much the same graphics.  There is no such battle between the girls for the best outfit. In order to make some money here, you should be getting a job in the fashion industry and climb the corporate ladder for success, and then you can shop all the way until you drop.

Fashion Story: This one is created by Lava. It has much more than shopping. In fact, you will be put on the other side of the register. This is an (iPhone supported) game; you will be able to run your very one fashion boutique (virtual). You will get to pick the clothes; you will be able to design the store and also try calling the customers on time.

These are some of the fashion PC games for girls with special interest in fashion shopping.

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